New/Ancient Approach to Electrical Energy Rejuvenation

The scientific journey of ANCHI Crystals involves the fields of geology/geophysics, material science, and physics. The source of natural physics in ANCHI is the field around the ANCHI Crystals. This field has been scientifically documented to have unique and beneficial properties that support the body's own abilities to maintain optimum states in the area of the subtle electrical systems that run the body.

Every site on earth has its own specific geomagnetic field that is like a thumbprint, and is not duplicated anywhere else in the world. Generally those fields are very weak. They are so weak, that if minerals are present, the field generated by the minerals is stronger than the field generated by the geomagnetic.

However, at the ANCHI Crystals site, the geomagnetic field is so strong that the opposite seems to be true. It is the energetic field and the encoding of the minerals associated with this particular site that creates the exceptional power of the ANCHI Crystals field.

ANCHI Crystals come to us from the beginning of time as a rare offering from the Earth. As such, ANCHI Crystals hold the Codes, Wisdom, and Alignments of the Original Plan. They are capable of enhancing one’s ability to live in an Optimum State.

ANCHI Crystals may be safely used anywhere on the body. Generally they are placed on the heart, forehead, or stomach, as well as on areas of pain. ANCHI Crystals will last a lifetime. They have already existed for 1.6 billion years!

Aura changes after wearing an ANCHI pendant

Raise Vibratory Rate ** Harmony & Healing ** Better Intent & Creation  

Newly discovered and mined in U.S.A., this combination of crystals are 1.6 billion years old, with scientific research discovering a strong energy field surrounding and radiating from them. It has been hypothesized that this field was imbued into the crystals during the highly formative genitive era that the earth was in at that time. The crystals have a templating and retemplating effect on body, mind and spirit. As an elixir, it has a number of helpful effects that together make it a powerful ally.

  • It raises the vibratory rate of the body encouraging healing and restoration.
  • It clears and transforms negative emotions into positive feelings.
  • It increases the ability to focus intention and creative power to more quickly manifest desires, goals and abundance.
  • It brings a sense of happy harmony with others and the surroundings.
  • The radiating field protects from EMF, WiFi, microwaves, and negative thought forms.

ANCHI Crystals are natural, nontoxic and scientifically documented to help you...

  • Enhance Your Ability to Live in an Optimal State
  • Relieve Pain, Swelling & Bruising (back, neck, knees, headaches)
  • Improve Sleep, Enjoy Increased Energy
  • Heal Faster, Sports Injuries
  • Optimum Performance, Well Being and Vitality
  • Radiant Skin
  • Improved Hormonal Balance
  • Also a tool for meditation, yoga and practitioners of Spiritual Laws, including the Law of Attraction.

It is highly beneficial used in the bath and as an adjunct to other remedies. ANCHI water can also be sprayed on affected body areas, around the energy field, and in rooms and spaces, to encourage healing, harmony and clarity, and to elevate the vibrations. As one of the new millennium minerals, anchi crystals significantly enhance spiritualized and harmonious creation, healing, and relationships for all.


Seventy-five percent of North Americans are chronically dehydrated. Even mild dehydration slows metabolism, causes fatigue, reduces short-term memory and increases existing health problems. Water is one of the most essential components of the human body. We are about 80% water as an adult. Replacing your current water with Structured Water is your insurance policy to fight against dehydration. Research has shown chronic dehydration to be the root cause of many diseases associated with aging (arthritis, GI disorders, senile dementia). Most health practitioners advise that if we would drink enough water to keep our bodies sufficiently hydrated, many of the chronic diseases we find today would be seriously abated. We just didn’t know we needed “living structured water” to to be our source of water.

Placing ANCHI Crystals in your water will structure the molecules and add scientifically proven light energy. This living water quickly hydrates your cells.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with structured water
• Helps remove toxins in your body, including Chlorine and Fluoride
• Strengthens your immune system
• Alkalizes the water back to 7.0 – 7.5 pH
• Kills anaerobic bacteria (bad bacteria)
• Strengthens aerobic bacteria (good bacteria)
• Improves skin & hair
• Heals dry itchy skin
• Improves joint & muscle pain
• Cut flowers last longer
• Improves the health of your pets when used in their water source
• Structured Water Heals

Water structured with ANCHI tastes great. Just pure smelling, pure tasting, fresh clean water.

In the picture on the left below there are nine drops of identical water under a microscope. The drop in the middle has not been exposed to ANCHI Crystals. All the other drops were briefly exposed to ANCHI Crystals and those drops immediately lit up with light energy in the picture. This light energy structures the water creating hexagon molecules that quickly hydrate your cells for health and well being. You'll have more energy, a better mood, and your hair will get very shiny. The water becomes highly oxygenated and gives a boost to your immune system. ANCHI Crystals have a geomagnetic field of energy around them that lasts forever.


In the picture on the right there are three drops of the same identical water under a microscope. The drop in the middle is a plain water drop with no structuring. The drop on the right and at the bottom have been exposed to ANCHI Crystal and are structured. You can see the light energy in the ANCHI structured drop very brightly. This light energy hydrates your cells very quickly when you drink structured water.

How can crystals impact water?

ANCHI Crystals when placed in close proximity, have the ability to structure water, enhancing its life force or "Chi". These ancient crystals are also known to have an equal effect on the human body (and all living things), restoring harmony and aligning as well as balancing the Chakras.  This ability to structure or "organize" water and other living things has to do with something called epitaxy. It is scientifically explained best by experts like Dr. Rustum Roy in the field of water science. 

In their book "Dancing with Water" Pangman and Evans refer to Dr. Roy on the science of how crystals interact with water:

"In his 2005 literature review on the structure of water, Dr. Rustum Roy from Penn State University discussed the significance of a well-known but often overlooked phenomenon known as epitaxy.  Epitaxy is the transfer of atomic structural information from the surface of one material to a liquid - without the transfer of any of material.  In other words, by providing a structural pattern or template, it is possible to induce an entire body of water to crystallize in a pre-determined pattern.  Epitaxy explains how quartz crystals are able to convey structural information to water."

How do I use ANCHI to energize/re-structure water?

ANCHI Crystals can be placed in or next to any natural water container or your bath water to energize/re-structure it.  Because ANCHI Crystals structure the life force in all living things, they can be placed near our bodies as well as pets or plants to help them thrive.  


Structured Water Effects on Blood

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Vibrational Balancing for EMF protection - capable of neutralizing harmful electromagnetic frequencies

Devices to help your body combat the stresses generated by EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) coming from our wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, mp3 players, e-readers, routers & wi-fi transmitters), overhead power lines, transformers, electric motors, laptop computers and monitors. Environmental sensitivity is on the rise. Symptoms of inflammatory diseases decrease when EMF levels are lowered.

Balance your subtle energy flow and protect against EMF from hands-free and cell phones, computers, microwaves, Wi-Fi and all electronic or electric appliances. Balance your energies and reduce aches and pains from inflammation.

Vibrational balancing and protection from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) for a more stable body, mind and spirit, enhancing athletic performance, clarity of mind and strong logical thinking including mathematics.

ANCHI - Ancient Tourmaline Life Force Crystals enhance your ability to live in an optimal state - a new approach to Vibrational Health! Just keep them with you ...

Anchi Crystals - Powerful Energy Medicine and Energy Healing

Energy medicine and energetic healing have been around for thousands of years and used by cultures all around the globe. It is really only a recent introduction into the western world that has brought to it's citizens, more attention to other methods of healing. For years, healers and energy workers have know the power of crystals and the energy patterns that they hold. Crystals are often used to aid the energetic healing work done by these healers to help hold the space and aid in energetic shifts during the session.

ANCHI crystals are one such crystal that holds unique energetic signatures that have been shown to affect water, plants and other forms of life with their unique properties. This lens is dedicated to the unique properties of the ANCHI crystals.

The field around these crystals has been documented in several scientific studies:

- Tested for their ability to create vitality in water by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. Using his GDV software which measures bio-physics, he tested the crystals' ability to organize the molecules in the water.

- Dr. Claude Swanson tested the crystals to discover the active mechanism of the ANCHI crystals is the energy field around them. Measuring the Raman spectrum of water before and after exposure to the crystals, he saw a significant change in the results. The crystals alter the structure of the water outside of any chemical influence.

- The crystals were also tested for their hydration ability, especially on the skin. Results on women were positive in that skin cream that contained the crystals, raised the hydration levels of their skin up to 27 times more than other creams without the crystals.

- Informal tests also hav shown that the anchi's have an effect on the chakras on the body. The Anchi crystals have an effect of synchronizing the chakra energy fields in the body.

At least 1.6 billion years old, ANCHI crystals are the Ancient Ones in the mineral kingdom. Supportive in maintaining a desired energy level throughout the day, Anchi is a unifying source for a naturally harmonized energetic field. As wholeness is maintained, a natural connection to Higher Self is achieved. Placed near the heart and third eye, ANCHI synchronizes atomic and quantum systems including the chakras creating a powerful manifestation field.

How do I use ANCHI Crystals for better health?

ANCHI Crystals may be safely used anywhere on the body.  Generally they are placed on the heart, third eye, or areas of pain.  They do not require focus or meditation.  They are, however, important companions to meditative practices.  ANCHI Crystals do not alter mental faculties.  They can be used any time throughout the day and are great to have while driving or traveling.  It is highly recommended to use them to synchronize your systems before sleep by placing a pouch on your heart or another desired are.  It is acceptable that they fall off the body during night and remain in the bed.  Your own insights can be the greatest source of where to place them.  

Has ANCHI Crystals' life force or Chi been documented?

Yes, ANCHI Crystals have been studied in several ways.  Initially they were tested to document their ability to create vitality in water by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia.  Dr. Korotkov is known internationally for his development of GDV software, which documents subtle energy of the body, and the vitality of water and minerals.  The primary use of GDV software in Russia is in hospitals.  Five types of water were tested after being exposed to these crystals and in every case the vitality was increased significantly!  The test stated that the "increased energy" was due to the crystals' apparent ability to organize the molecules in the water. Tests conducted at Pennsylvania State University by physicist Dr. Clause Swanson documented the active mechanism of ANCHI Crystals was the field around them.  Dr Swanson's work was based on the positive effect of ANCHI Crystals on the Raman Spectrum of water.  Currently a team of physicists in Europe are researching the wide range of potential found in the ANCHI Field.  The information and possible application covers every aspect of our societies.  The ANCHI Field is truly a resource for transforming the 21st century.



Once ANCHI Crystals become a part of your lifestyle, they become indispensable!

The Optimum State of Wholeness is a natural state. It feels natural and we operate efficiently. While using the ANCHI Crystals, we have a sense of well being even during difficulty, and are always more productive. Our life force, or Chi, flows freely with the strength and harmonization of the original ordained life force patterns.

There are certain factors that must come together synergistically in order for this optimum state of wholeness to occur. One way to create this natural synergy is to faithfully use your ANCHI Crystals. They can be used any time throughout a busy day to quickly realign your energy flows. They do not require separate concentration nor do they interfere with your work, daily activities, focus or relaxation.