ANCHI Specimens

Ancient Shards - Quantum Fields

There have been many requests from ANCHI devotees to have a specimen, a small ANCHI to carry in their pocket, or have a piece suitable for jewelry. These offerings are shards, meaning they are as they came from the Earth. They are 
pieces of very massive crystalline walls. They have not been cut or polished. Their ANCHI Field is completely intact.

Shards can be used as either pocket pieces or in jewelry as a very personal ANCHI pendant. Wire wrapping services are available in 925 sterling silver. Email us ( to request more information.

It has been our pleasure to connect ANCHI Crystals with the person who will enjoy and benefit from their many precious Gifts.

All prices in Hong Kong Dollars except marked SGD (Singapore dollars).



62 gram




















210 gram




42 gram


Video 37 gram HKD11,880
Mother Cherish

Video 5 gram HK3,800




\Promise Keeper

video 22 gram HKD6,000



ini Steps to Heaven in MiniatureSStteppe

video 23 gram HKD5,880



298 gram HKD48,800



10 gram HKD7,380


10 gram HKD2,200


48 gram HKD28,800


11 gram HKD4,200

Glorious Grace

44 gram HKD11,800



Mystic Knower of All Things

27 gram HKD19,800





18 gram HKD4,750

Angel's Wing

10 gram HKD13,800


Purple Face
7 gram HKD19,800
  Water Melon
5 gram HKD4,280

Blue Valley

16 gram HKD3,480


Jade Valley

6 gram HKD2.980

68 gram






    36 gram



140 gram


207 gram



DEVOTION 55 gram HKD7,800



222 gram


12th Dimension 10 gram HKD52,800

DIVINE SMILE 9 gram HKD20,080


Combined weight : 113 gram

Can be sold separately


Combined weight : 117 gram

Can be sold separately



For more info, please email To purchase the specimens, please visit and look for ANCHI Specimen. Please create an account before making purchases.