ANCHI Jewelry

Have your own one-of-a-kind personal source of ANCHI Energy.

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Wire-Wrapped ANCHI Jewelry

The ANCHI Shards selected for jewelry answer the need to be in continual contact with the ANCHI FIELD in the 
pleasing context of wearing a unique ANCHI that is only yours. Every ANCHI carries and connects to the ANCHI 
Field. However, within the ANCHI Community, individual stones contribute their own personal message. They 
remain as constant instruments to enhance your well being throughout life's challenges and opportunities - Please 
enjoy !

Wire wrapping is like handwriting.  Each artist has a distinct way of expressing Their talent to support the 
beauty of ANCHI Crystals.  ANCHI uses several different skilled experts to create a variety of styles to express 
the uniqueness of each and every personal ANCHI pendant.  They contribute greatly to the distinction of 
owning a one of a kind piece of functional ANCHI jewelry that bestows the many benefits of the ANCHI field.

Larger pendants are iwre-wrapped in 925K silver.

The unique geomagnetic electrical energy imprint of ANCHI cyrstals has the capacity of Transference. In other words, the energy of the ANCHI Crystals can protect the human density from the negative effects of EMFs.  Wearing an ANCHI pendant will shield you from electronic smog. The size of the pendant does not matter.

All prices in Hong Kong Dollars.



ANCHI pendants (smaller silver wire-wrapped ANCHI specimens without names)



  RED series HKD480@  
DEEP PURPLE series HKD600@ YELLOW series HKD780@

BLACK series HKD980@


PINK series HKD1,380@ BLUE_YELLOW series HKD1,580@ LILAC series HKD1,780@



BLACK_PURPLE series HKD1,980@


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