ANCHI Crystals




Sometimes the most amazing discoveries come from the most unlikely sources. Such is the case with ANCHI Crystals, which are found in only one place on Earth. The name ANCHI comes from the words 'Ancient Chi'. ANCHI Crystals are a collection of over 50 crystals. Newly discovered and mined in U.S.A., ANCHI Crystals were formed over 1.6 billion years ago by a vortex, that distinguishes them from other crystalline minerals.. Oxygen in the atmosphere as we know it is less than 800 million years old. The Himalayans are only 55 million years old. ANCHI Crystals are some of the oldest matter on earth.
Colors of the ANHI Crystals represented: violet blues, purples, pinks, greens, bright yellow.  The textures range from purple glitter, metallic rose bronze, white feathered formations, pinks sprays, lavender grey pearls, and vivid multi-colors. There are over fifty documented kinds of crystals including tourmalines, lepidolites, beryls, and topaz. As beautiful as they are, however, their real power lies in their physics. 

Formed together as a single community, these ancient crystals are exceedingly rare. Their geo-imprint, their particular crystalline signature, is unique. It is this geo-imprint, through a phenomenon where the crystals have a templating effect and transference properties, that creates change in adjacent electrical fields. These crystals are very stable. Transference means that certain aspects of the crystals are transferred to what is around them. The laws concerning templating and transference are found in physics. When ANCHI Crystals are placed on the skin, their geo-imprinting transfers focused energy capable of dramatic, accelerated organizing and optimizing of electrical flow and activity.

Research has documented the remarkable ability of ANCHI Crystals to organize and structure water, providing greater vitality and more available energy for cellular metabolism. A study conducted at Pennsylvania State University verifies that the active mechanism of ANCHI Crystals is the field around the crystals. Research conducted in Europe by a team of physicists explore ANCHI Crystals' positive affect on bio-photons and energy flows in the body.

The fields (or geo-imprint) around this amazing natural resource often address general health, pain reduction, peaceful sleep, stress support and maintaining balanced energy. Also a tool for meditation, yoga and practitioners of Spiritual Laws, including the Law of Attraction.

ANCHI Crystals come to us from the beginning of time as a rare offering from the Earth. As such, ANCHI Crystals hold the Codes, Wisdom, and Alignments of the Original Plan. They are capable of enhancing one’s ability to live in an Optimum State. Even if we had the perfect stress-free lifestyle, the Earth’s electromagnetic fields have been compromised by changes since the beginning of the electronic age .The Optimum State of Wholeness is a natural state. It feels natural and we operate efficiently. While using the ANCHI Crystals, we have a sense of well being even during difficulty, and are always more productive. Our life force, or Chi, flows freely with the strength and harmonization of the original ordained life force patterns.

There are certain factors that must come together synergistically in order for this optimum state of wholeness to occur. One way to create this natural synergy is to faithfully use your ANCHI Crystals. They can be used any time throughout a busy day to quickly realign your energy flows. They do not require separate concentration nor do they interfere with your work, daily activities, focus or relaxation.

All ANCHI crystals are self-cleansing.

ANCHI Crystals are found only one place in the world. Once ANCHI Crystals become a part of your lifestyle, they become indispensable!



I received this message via Glyna Yoder, one of the owners of the ANCHI mine after i sent her a photo of myself wearing an ANCHI "halo", requesting ANCHI blessings before i used the photo on an ANCHI flyer. I was utterly dumb-founded.

Man-yee Lam


Friday, January 31, 2014

"We ask to speak to this woman. She is most dear to us.
We welcome her in our Field of Being. From long ago she will remember us in another time and place. She is most excited to greet us once more. She is most aware in her soul of who we are. Many on earth cast us aside because they do not honor the form of mineral as Conscious with great powers. She has known our Power. She accepts our Truths.

We allow her to address us as the old friends that we are. To see each and every one of us standing with her as individuals in energy form. We will give our Blessing in great abundance.
To us she is the Soul of Light who was promised to us that would spread our presence to a great people of earth whose culture reverenced our Gifts.

She is surrounded, empowered, and chosen." ~ The ANCHI


ANCHI CRYSTALS - intro talk @ Sound Universe in Singapore 2016